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Goal setting for 2020

So it’s that time of year again, the time where people are putting together their goals for 2020 or resolutions for the new year, or thinking why should I bother? Because every year we put together these big goals and resolutions only to work on them for 2 weeks or even a month and then fall right off that bandwagon…

If this sounds like you then fret not! I am going to break down goal setting so that you can achieve them!

Step 1:

Picking the timeline for your goals.

I personally like to pick my goals in 3-month sections, or for each quarter of the year. I find having a shorter deadline keeps me on target and also allows me to adapt as the year changes!

You can pick these timelines to be as long or as short as you want them to be! Just make sure they are realistic and drive you to work hard, not procrastinate!

Step two. Picking the types of goals.

So I like to have 3 different types of goals for each quarter, this helps me work on more than one part of my life, and also gives me more than one focus so that I don’t tunnel vision onto my single goal and let everything else in my life fall apart!

For example, I have a career goal, a personal goal, and an impact goal.

I strongly recommend having two or three different types of goals so that you are always working on that balance.

I also wanted to add, an impact goal to me means how am I making an impact on the world?

Eg: Donating time, educating people on causes that mean something to me, helping those in need ect... I believe that we all have a duty to give back tho those around us in some way, whether it be building houses for the homeless, fighting for someone else’s rights, or having a bird feeder in your yard this winter.

Step 3:

Picking the goals.

It may sound easy, but picking a goal is a task in itself. You want to goal to be specific, achievable, but also challenging.

So for a common example, say I want to lose weight.

So I pick to do a 3-month personal goal to lose weight… but you do you see what’s missing? you have nothing to measure that with because it’s not very specific. So lets clean it up and add in some details.

A 3-month personal goal to lose 10 lbs. So having the specific goal of losing 10 lbs means that we can track our progress by weekly or monthly check-ins to see if you are on track, or if you need to change up the diet or workout regime to reduce calories or burn more for example!

Step 4:

The Plan!

It’s very well and fine to have a goal, however, if you don’t have a plan to make it happen, you won’t go anywhere fast. So when making your plan, look at the end result and make steps BACKWARDS from there.

To continue with the example from before.

3 months to lose 10 lbs. So this means we need to lose an average of 3.33 lbs per month or 0.83 per week or 0.12 lbs per day. So what does that translate to in calories?

1 lb of fat = 3500 calories

10 lbs = 35 000 calorie loss total

3.33 lbs = 11 655 calorie deficit/ month

0.83 lbs = 2905 calorie deficit/ week

0.12lbs = 415 calorie deficit/day

So if we want to stick with this goal, we need to be working at a 415 calorie deficit each day. Which is less than a Grande Caramel Brule latte at Starbucks by the way!

Step 5:

Sticking to it.

So we have the goal, we have the plan, now we just need to DO IT. What motivates each of you will be different, maybe it’s having a goal buddy so you can hold each other accountable, maybe it’s journaling each day so that you can hold yourself accountable, or maybe its simply booking out a small amount of time in your day every day to just work on your goal.

Step 6:

Reward yourself.

You are putting in the time. You are putting in the effort. Maybe you don’t reach your goal, but you have worked damn hard to make it as far as you did and that is AMAZING! Or maybe you crush your goal and you need to make it a bit harder next time! Either way, you deserve to love and appreciate yourself for the work you put in.

I’m cheering you all on and would love to hear about your goals!

I love you all and wish for each of you to have a wonderful start to this new year!

You got this!!!



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