• Katya

March Matness

Its that time a year! Time for mat, mat, and more MAT!

Everything Joe Pilates created was started on the mat. In his book 'Return to Life' he went into detail on each of the exercises, in the original order and I am here to continue his work for you!

Joseph Pilates doing Scissors
Joseph Pilates doing Scissors

There are over 50 exercises in the Classical Mat repertoire alone! and I'm going to go through them all with you! We will be covering the move, the motivation, the breath, and of course answering as many questions as I can!

So for the month of March I am going to be releasing daily videos on Instagram, weekly posts on my Blog, and even putting together some home workouts with everything you need to succeed! That's 31 days of posts and videos, so make sure to Like, Follow, and tune in to make the most of your March Matness!

Let the Fun Begin!


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