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My 90 day journey!

So If you have been to the studio or been in contact with me over the last few months then you would probably know that I’ve been getting the short end of the health stick since Halloween. Between digestive infections, a month-long head cold, and losing my voice not only once but twice, I’ve been feeling very unmotivated to workout, or to eat anything that isn’t frozen yogurt. However, I have been truly inspired by Cassey Ho of Bloglates and POP Pilates and her 90-day journey Sooo…..

I’m excited to announce that as of January 5th, 2020 I am going to be taking my health back for me and embarking on a 90-day fitness journey! WooHoo!!

Now before I tell you all the details I want to put in a disclaimer:

  • If you are triggered by numbers, measurements, scales, and calorie counting, this is not for you.

  • If you are a caring individual and think I have body hate/shame, I assure you I do not.

  • If you are worried I have an eating disorder or will develop one, don’t worry, I love to eat and I have a great support team around me and some even going on this journey with me!

There is a lot of hate and shame that comes to a “skinny” or “fit” fitness influencer when they decide to go on a fitness journey. People call you non-inclusive, not body-positive, or accuse you of having health disorders.

This is a journey to get into the best mental and physical fitness I can. This is a journey to learn about my body and to take back my health. This is a journey for me to thrive. I would love your support and will cheer you on in your own journey!

What will I eat?

So I know my body does best on a paleo type of diet. Paleo diets consist of whole foods in their more natural states.

Below I’m going to list foods that I will be restricting:

  • Red meats (they upset my stomach)

  • Simple carbs (processed sugars, white flour, bread, ect

  • Dairy

So that leaves white meats, fish, eggs, complex carbs, veggies galore, and more! I will not be starving myself!!! I will be splitting my macros up into.

  • 40% protein

  • 25% carbs

  • 35% fats

I will be doing this roughly and adjusting it as I go!

How Will I workout?

I will workout 6x per week with one “rest day”

I say “rest day” because I will sometimes be playing hockey or be having a stretch on that day!

Sunday: Rest / hockey / stretch / self-care

Monday: Pilates - Advanced Reformer

Tuesday: Gym - Upper body weights

Wednesday: Pilates - Wunda Chair

Thursday: Gym - Lower body Weights

Friday: Pilates - Cadillac

Saturday: Gym - Full body

What Are my goals for the 90 days?

  • 15 - 18 % Body fat or in the “athlete range” (see picture below)

  • Booty gains!

  • 10 pullups (with no help)

  • Daily IG posts! (and more videos because those scare me!)

  • Learn something new about my body

  • Front splits!

  • 1 self-care thing per week

(eg, a massage, a facemask, a nap..)

This project is like a science project for myself, I am going to document my weight, measurements, sleep, nutrition, hydration, and energy levels. These numbers are for data points so that I can learn about my body and track my progress, I’m really excited to share this journey with you and learn so much!

How you can follow my Journey

I will be posting daily on IG @katya.macdonald as well as doing detailed updates on here every 30 days with my updated measurements, weight, thoughts, and emotions.

Okay everyone! I guess that’s it! I have to admit, I’m super excited, nervous, and a little uncertain. But I do feel so much better now that I’ve written all that down, this really makes it real!


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