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My Fitness Favorites!

I've recently had a few people asking me for my opinion on fitness gear, tools, and clothing, so I thought why not make a blog about my top 10 fitness faves!

This post will strictly be on my personal favorites, I have no affiliation with any of the brands or will be getting anything from this!

10. Vega Nutrition

Vega Sport Protein and Vega all in one shakes have been my go to shakes for meal replacements and post workout nutrition. I have quite a sensitive stomach so whey protein tends to give me stomach aches. Vega's completely vegan protein and meal replacement shakes have always been super easy for me to digest and are a great addition for all my nutrient and protein needs!

9. Lululemon

Seriously, who doesn't love lulu? It's long lasting, fits great, and you have a decent amount of color choice! So my person favorites from lululemon are:

Align Pant 28"

Free to be Serene Bra

Hotty Hot Short High-Rise

Sculpt Tank II

8. Face Wash

With all this working out it's super important to be cleansing your skin properly, especially if you are prone to breakouts like I am! My favorite all time face cleanser (and moisturizer actually) is First Aid Pure Skin Face Cleanser

7. Epson Salts

Did you know that Epsom salts have been around and used for hundreds of years? They have been treating our aches, pains, pulled muscles, arthritis, and our tired bodies for a long time because they work! If you haven't ever had a long hot soak in a bath with some Epsom Salts then I HIGHLY recommend it for your next rest day.

6. TRX

Recently I've been going to TRX classes to finally see what all the talk is about when it comes to pilates and TRX cross over classes and instructors. Well I must say that i've seriously found a love for TRX within a single class. It's the perfect in between for cross fit (which i loved doing!) and pilates! It's great for adding in more strength training and is complimented by the form, fundamentals, and exercises in Pilates. Dare I say I'm in love?!

5. Lacross Ball / Foam roller

I try to workout 5 days a week, and with all of that moving I do tend to get stressed and physically tired and tight, this is why I put my foam roller and Lacross ball so high up on the list. I love using a Lacross ball for more specific and intense areas, the dense rubber ball wont squish or break no matter how much weight you put on it. For my rollers, last year I ordered a class set of LO ROX Align Rollers from OPTP.

4. Spin shoes

I recently took my spin certification course, 25 hours on a bike in 2 days. if it hadnt been for my proper footwear, i never would have made it. PLEASE, if you don't have spin shoes, ask your club if they have any to rent, try them out! they truly do make that much difference!

3. Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty is my new Lululemon GASP!!! there! I said it! Their pants and tops are SO comfortable, sweat wicking, unique, flattering, squat proof, and stretchy. They are INCREDIBLE!!!! I have never felt so secure and yet free to move while wearing workout gear before and I love it. I honestly am saving up for my next set as we speak because of how well they fit.

2. Fitbit Blaze.

I currently have a FitBit Blaze, I've had this watch for well over a year now and I love it, It keeps me on track while I'm teaching, it reminds me to move more often while I'm sitting and blogging. It also keeps track of my steps and heart rate. Its really important to me to keep track of my heart rate because it gives me an idea if I need to work harder, or go easier on a day to day basis, as well as encourages me to push harder to hit that max heart rate during my intense spin classes or workouts!

1. Water bottle

Finally, as my #1 Fitness favorite, my water bottle. Now I don't have some fancy water bottle, It's nothing pretty either. The thing I love about it most is that it carries a Liter of water. which means if I drink 3-4 of my water bottles down daily then i've kept a good Hydration level. It's much easier to count than 8-12 glasses of water in my opinion. after all, us Pilates instructors can't count 😂

There you have it! My top 10 Fitness favorites!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


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