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Pilates Play!

What is pilates play?

Pilates Play is of course Pilates, but with a little extra zest. This class is for those who want to take the pilates foundation and apply it to something bigger, more fun, and less formal. Pilates play will include jump board, cardio, HIIT, Gymnastic inspired workouts, and MORE!

Why play?

Ever since I started moving I have been playing. Whether it be making believe that I am a ninja (or am I?), playing sports, or at school during math class (yeah yeah I know). I even look at my workouts as a game! I try to beat my yesterday’s “high score” with reps, sets, weight, etc, or try to do something new and exciting to “level up”, everything is a fun and awesome game!

However recently I’ve seen so many people start to look at movement as a chore. Something they need to do for so many minutes each day or week in order to meet some standards that they set for themselves or that were set for them by doctors. Your time spent moving should not only feel great, but it should inspire you to move more! We need to stop doing workouts that don't inspire us and quit looking at movement as a chore! We need to quit being such adulty adults and get back to playing and exploring our body's awesome potential and Pilates play is exactly the place to do it!

Is this for me?

So all this is great and sounds fantastic but you may be thinking to yourself that this isn't for you, or you can't just do gymnastics, or does she expect me to cartwheel or something?

So let me set it straight. If you are an able-bodied person, (so no back pain, injuries, or serious health conditions) who wants to play and have more fun in their workouts then this class is for you! If you are bored with the classical repertoire or want to try something new or different, this is for you! If you want to take your Pilates practice to a new level with handstands and bigger backbends this class if for you! If you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced pilates enthusiast then this class is for you! We are learning new and big skills here together! As a team! And lastly, no I don’t expect you to pull out cartwheels or backflips! We are staying in the pilates realm still, just pushing the boundaries!

Click here to get sent to the very first Pilates Play workout on my Youtube channel Phiit with Katya


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