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Pilates Play Rolling!

Pilates Play #1 Rolling

Do you remember being a kid and just having the time of your life rolling about on the floor? Or don’t you just love watching babies go through tummy time and figure out how to roll over? Well guess what we’re doing for our first episode of Pilates Play!

That’s right! We are rolling right into this series!

In classical pilates we have a lot of rolling moves, roll like a ball, seal, open leg rocker 1 and 2, crab, roll up, roll down, every single inversion... I’m sure you get the picture, we roll a BUNCH!

But what is the point? Yeah it’s fun, and sure it feels good, but what does it do?

Rolling and articulating the spine not only works on strengthening your abdominals, and lengthening your back muscles, it is also amazing for your spine’s overall health, your balance, and your control (Contrology is Pilates’ original name after all). While you roll up and down your back, you are actually giving your spine a little massage, so you get to loosen up, relieve tension, and with the help of your abdominals, you even get to create space and lengthen your spine. SO COOL! Rolling is also a great way to get you in tune with your breath, your body’s inner strength, and some serious mind-body connections.

Now let’s PLAY!

Flashback now to your first pilates mat class where you were asked to roll on your mat. If you were anything like me, you may be waited for the rest of the people in your class to start rolling back and forth before you tried it because that teacher must be joking! Then once you finally start you can’t help but laugh a little because

1. You feel silly for rolling, and this is way out of your normal comfort zone.

2. It’s actually hard and you may even feel like you’re rolling like a triangle.

3. Because as silly as it feels, it’s also really fun and challenging!

P.S If you don’t like feeling silly, getting out of your comfort zone, or having fun then maybe Pilates Play isn’t for you.

So back to the present. I am going to totally get you out of your comfort zone with this rolling play video. I am going to make you work hard, laugh a bunch, and grow back down to about 8 years old. Isn't that awesome!? Who doesn’t want to be 8 again? So if you haven't yet, click the link below to get sent to the first Pilates Play video, and let’s get Rolling!


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